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    How a Termite Inspection and Treatment Can Protect Your Investment on Your Home

    Last updated 1 year ago

    If you are like most California residents, your largest investment and most important asset is your home. Unfortunately, homeowners who fail to take proper termite control measures are sometimes faced with thousands of dollars in damage to their property before they even realize they have a termite infestation. Here is why you should contact an exterminator to inspect your home and recommend preventative treatment measures:

    Basic Inspection

    More and more homeowners are taking preventative steps to eliminate termite colonies before they start. A professional termite inspection ensures that your entire property is safe. From your exterior walls to your attic to your basement crawlspace, your exterminator will cover every square inch of your home. Green termite treatments are also available to safely ward off future infestations while keeping your home free of harmful chemicals.

    Structural Safety

    A single termite colony can contain thousands of insects. With each termite consuming pounds of food per year, a colony of termites can slowly eat away at your home’s structure and may even eventually cause the building to collapse. Termites not only affect your home, they also eat away at valuable wooden furniture and antiques.

    Maintain Value

    A termite infestation can decrease the value of your home, even if you have the entire property thoroughly treated by an experienced exterminator. Sellers are obligated to disclose any former instance of termites to all prospective buyers, and it is standard practice for interested parties to request a comprehensive termite inspection. If you plan to sell your home at any point in the future, maintain its value by getting proactive about termite treatment.

    The exterminators at Pacific Coast Termite are dedicated to protecting LA and Santa Cruz residents from the health risks and property damage that comes with termites. Our exterminators inspect your entire property and detect points that are vulnerable to termites and rodents. Whether you want to learn more about how orange oil can eliminate your termite problem today or you need to schedule a termite inspection, call us at (714) 669-1730 today.


    The Serious Consequences of Breathing in Rodent Droppings

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Did you know that simply breathing in rodent droppings can seriously affect your health? Watch this video to find out why you should hire an exterminator at the first sign of rodents.

    Recently, two visitors to a California park died after their hike took them near rodent droppings infected with Hantavirus. This disease is linked to both rats and field mice and is almost always passed through pest droppings. Most Hantavirus cases occur in rural areas, but experts say this illness can just as easily be present in an urban garage or shed.

    Here at Pacific Coast Termite, we offer a wide range of cutting-edge termite and rodent treatments to keep your LA or Orange County business or residence safe. To find out more about our green services, contact our exterminators today. You can call us at (714) 669-1730 for more information.

    A Look at the Damage Rodents Can Cause in Your Home

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Most people know that termites can completely decimate a wooden structure within just weeks. But did you know that rodents can also inflict major structural damage on your home? Mice and rats often chew through insulation, pipes, and even car wires. To find out more about the health risks and property damage that rodents bring, take a look at this overview:

    Dangerous Diseases

    If you have a rodent control problem, your home is likely also littered with droppings from mice and rats. Unfortunately, rodent feces can spread bacteria and trigger allergic reactions in humans. Rodents also carry a wide range of dangerous diseases and viruses, including Hantavirus. Hantavirus is a potentially life-threatening illness transmitted by infected rodent urine and droppings. Rats may even carry the Bubonic Plague.

    Structural Damage

    Rats and mice may be small, but they can inflict serious damage to your home in a relatively short amount of time. Mice and rats often use their sharp teeth to chew through your home’s interior and exterior walls, wiring, and insulation. Rodents in your garage can even chew through your car’s expensive wiring system!

    Expensive Repairs

    In addition to severe structural damage, rodents can completely destroy your food supply and damage your home’s entry points and exterior walls. If you have seen food packages with the corners chewed off, small holes on your exterior walls and damaged gaps around windows and doors, or rodent droppings in your cupboards or garage, it’s time to call an exterminator. A rodent control expert can help you seal off entry points and clean up any mess.

    If you live in LA, Santa Clara County, or Orange County and need an exterminator, contact Pacific Coast Termite today. Our experienced team has been providing exceptional service to California residents for over five years, and we are proud to be the state’s largest orange oil specialist and one of the leading termite and rodent control companies in the entire nation. Find out more about our green treatments and options for pest control and prevention by calling (714) 669-1730.

    Can Your Neighbor's Termite Infestation Affect Your Home?

    Last updated 1 year ago

    If your neighbor has termites, you should call an inspector to make sure your home is safe from termite infestation. Oftentimes when there is a termite infestation at a neighbor’s house, it is because there is a colony nearby. Watch the following video clip to learn more.

    Unless termite control experts treat the colony with Termidor, a non-repellent chemical that gets rid of termite problems quickly, then the colony could travel to your home and cause extensive damage. In the meantime, look for dirt or termites around the house whenever you’re deep cleaning. For more termite control tips, check out the video.

    To get in touch with termite control experts, call Pacific Coast Termite at (714) 669-1730. We treat current termite infestations and prevent future infestations as well. Visit our website for more information about how we can treat your home.

    Termite Lifecycle: The Queen

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Did you know that a termite queen lays close to a quarter-billion eggs over the course of her lifetime? During mating season, a virgin queen will fly out of the ground and look for a termite king. After she finds one, they disappear into the ground and mate. As the queen becomes pregnant, she swells from the size of a dime to roughly the size of a human finger. When the workers pop out, they begin constructing a mound that can reach up to thirty feet in height. Eventually, the queen is too big to leave the mound and stops producing eggs. At this time, her workers extract all of the fat and the eggs from her body before her death. The virgin queens that she gave birth to are faced with the task of re-populating the colony.

    Termites are resilient insects, which is why it’s very important to defend your house from current and future invasions. Pacific Coast Termite offers high-quality termite control services. Visit our website to learn more, and call us at (714) 669-1730 for more information.

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