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    Recognizing and Dealing With Termites

    Last updated 11 months ago

    A termite infestation is a homeowner’s nightmare. While there is no way to fully termite proof a property, there are precautions that can be taken to make a home less appealing to termites.

    In this video clip, you will learn how to identify mud tubes and termite droppings. You will also become versed on the precautions you can take to keep termites from choosing to colonize your property, which include airing out crawl spaces and storing firewood off the ground and at least six feet away from your home.

    If you do detect termites on your property, you should not try to exterminate them yourself. Instead, hire an experienced termite control professional to wipe out the termites on your property using green termite treatments. To arrange to have a trained professional inspect your California home, call Pacific Coast Termite at (714) 669-1730.

    How to Determine if Your Home Has a Termite Infestation

    Last updated 11 months ago

    Termites cause billions of dollars’ worth of property damage to home and business owners every year, in large part because they can live and feed on a building’s foundation for several months or even years without being noticed. If you are a proud homeowner who would like to know how to detect the presence of termites on your property as soon as the first signs of infestation have come to light, then you’ve come to the right place.

    Every spring, a termite phenomenon takes place largely unnoticed. Mature subterranean termite colonies produce thousands of small winged termites that frenetically set off after birth in search of a place to colonize. If you glimpse what appears to be a group of flying ants, you may be witnessing “swarmers” in action. Since many swarmers do not make it far from the colony, discarded wings and small winged insects scattered on the ground are also signs that you should have your home inspected by a termite control professional.

    Cracks in Wood
    Swarmers can squeeze through the smallest of cracks and establish colonies inside of cherished wood foundations. If you spot a crack or some uneven paint on a wall in your home, look in and around the area for signs of termites. If you don’t detect termite activity, seal the crack as soon as possible to cut off easy access to termite swarmers.

    Mud Tubes
    Termites build mud tubes so that they can stay comfortable while searching for food. Mud tubes are a tell-tale sign that you have termites, and you should contact a termite exterminator as soon as possible if you spot them on your property.

    Simply having an awareness of the common signs of a termite infestation increases the likelihood that you will detect their presence shortly after they take up residence on your property. If you notice that the wood in your home has become food for California’s thriving termite population, it is in your best interest to call a termite control professional right away. To arrange to have your Southern or Northern California home inspected and treated by a leading green termite treatment pro, call Pacific Coast Termite at (714) 669-1730.

    For More Useful Termite Control And Wood Repair Information, Be Sure To Visit These Useful Sites

    Last updated 1 year ago

    The havoc termites wreak on real estate is enough to make any home or business owner wary of their presence. To learn more about the termite identification and control tactics employed by the industry’s most well-equipped companies, check out the following resources. To speak with a termite control professional in California who offers a full range of services—from pre-treatment to wood repair—to residents of San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Jose, call Pacific Coast Termite at (714) 669-1730.

    • For fascinating termite facts and a list of the five U.S. metropolitan areas that suffer the most from termite damage, read this Los Angeles Times article.
    • Find out more about urban California’s most common termite species and the types of damage they cause with the help of this HowStuffWorks guide.

    Diamond Certified: One More Reason to Choose Pacific Coast Termite

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Home to more than seven million people, the San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most populated and popular areas in the United States. Known for excellence and innovation, it is not surprising that the area has its own local rating system to help consumers find businesses that offer services of the highest quality in their market segment. To learn about the advantages of hiring Diamond Certified businesses to carry out work on your home and find out why Pacific Coast Termite has possessed this prestigious qualification for three years running, continue reading this article.

    Customer Satisfaction

    In addition to passing a stringent set of credential-based ratings, companies that achieve Diamond Certification have demonstrated that they reliably please the consumers they serve. In tabulating the ratings we get from our consumers, we use a 100-point scale. Only those companies receiving 90 points or more in this area can qualify for a Diamond Certification.

    Employee Satisfaction

    In addition to customer satisfaction, we take an in-depth look at the business practices and labor conditions with which companies operate. There is a clear correlation between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction, as employees that are happier with their jobs tend to care more about the services they render.

    Industry Compliance

    Companies that are not licensed and insured in accordance with industry and government regulations never receive Diamond Certification. Choosing a Diamond Certified company like Pacific Coast Termite to work on your property ensures that you can count on the termite control pros who visit your home to have completed the training and acquired the skills necessary to carry out the full range of services the company offers.

    Green Approach

    Something many eco-conscious consumers like about Pacific Coast Termite is the company’s dedication to providing environmentally friendly termite solutions. XT-2000® Orange Oil, an avant-garde termiticide, is a naturally occurring essential oil. Bora-Care®, another effective termite control solution, is also green in comparison to other pest control solutions.

    If you are a San Jose or San Francisco resident who is looking for a top-rated termite control professional to inspect or treat your Bay Area home using effective, environmentally friendly products, Pacific Coast Termite is here for you. Call (714) 669-1730 to arrange to have a team of skilled and experienced professionals scope out and solve your property’s termite situation, and find out for yourself why we are a long-standing Diamond Certified company.

    Common Types of Wood Repair Termite Damage Requires

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Every year, wood-hungry termites inflict more than a billion dollars’ worth of damage to residential and commercial properties in the U.S. In California alone, property owners and their insurance companies shell out more than $100 million annually on repairs.

    Foundation Touch-Ups

    • From the exterior walls closest to a homeowner’s woodpile to the undersides of eaves, exterior foundation components are a prime target of drywood and subterranean termites. Repairing some of these damages areas can be tricky, and the integrity of a building’s foundation is of vital importance to a property owner who intends to put her home or commercial building on the market someday.

    Attic and Crawlspace Work

    • Since many homeowners rarely enter their attics and crawlspaces, these areas are especially vulnerable to damage accumulated over several months or years. Some termite species prefer these dark, damp spaces to underground or interior space for nesting, a fact of termite infestation that makes monthly investigation of these spaces with a flashlight time well spent. Replacing compromised wood in attics, basements, and crawlspaces can be costly.

    New Flooring Installation

    • Hardwood flooring is termites’ favorite type of flooring, and the only type that they snack on. Since subterranean termites almost always penetrate a home from the bottom up, it is important to inspect hardwood floors in your home on a regular basis. Typically, entire sections of hardwood flooring must be replaced after termites have gotten to them.

    Garage Wall Repairs

    • Garages, tool sheds, and other workshop spaces where DIY homeowners store wood are especially vulnerable to termite infestation. After discovering loose lumber, a termite colony may redirect its hunger at the walls or ceiling in search of a more covert food source. Depending on the extent of the damage incurred in a garage or shed, wood damage repair professionals may have to reconstruct entire wall or ceiling segments.

    Based in Tustin, CA, Pacific Coast Termite services homes and businesses from San Diego to San Jose. In addition to preventing and eliminating termite infestations, we offer rodent exclusion and wood repair services. To learn more about the keys to the success of our treatment and wood repair programs, call (714) 669-1730.

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